Who we are

The purpose of New Mexico Friends of Wellness is to provide financial means to secure medically appropriate rehabilitative equipment and services which otherwise are not provided through insurance or other means to transition the person home after a life altering injury or illness.

What we do

Our goal is to raise awareness of stroke prevention as well as provide financial assistance to those in need. That support can be as basic as a toilet seat riser, or as costly as a wheelchair. One hundred percent of the funds we raise stay in our community.


We are proud to say that since our founding we have raised over $200,000 and assisted 100’s of individuals in our community, making their lives easier and more productive through generous proceeds from our partners.

Our Team

We are staffed by all volunteers, working in junction with our local hospitals providing support to those who truly need the help.

Our Board Members:


Ronald Cavill (Cavill And Company), President

Altaf Ahmed, M.D., Founder and Secretary

Jo Renda, Treasurer

Jag Cheema (Wells Fargo), Member

Molly Staley (Rehab Hospital of Southern NM), Member

Sarah Hychka (Mesilla Valley PT), Member

Tonda Salvini (Memorial Medical Center), Member

Susan McGonnell (The Message Club), Member

Crista Shabazz (Cavill And Company), Member

New Mexico

Friends of Wellness, Inc

PO Box 13657, Las Cruces, NM 88013



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